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If you’re trying to find a top of the range mini loader in Brisbane or throughout Queensland, you’ll find one here. These are the latest models from the leading brands, designed for high productivity.

Allclass Construction Equipment is an authorised 5-star Kubota dealer and we also specialise in top quality Toro vehicles. Each of these loaders has its own characteristics and strong points.

What a Good Mini Loader Can Do for Your Business

If you’re a construction industry professional, you know all about the value of a mini loader on site. These tough vehicles are real workhorses, always working and always making the work a little easier.

From a business perspective, there’s another valuable dimension to these vehicles – very high productivity. A good mini loader pays for itself, quite literally. A couple of mini loaders can deliver excellent values for businesses.

These values include:

  • Agility onsite: Mini loaders can access any space, even on difficult sites. Tracked mini loaders are ideal for the hard slog of tough terrain, too.
  • Capacity: Mini loaders can increase your capacity while adding a lot more grunt, power, and performance to your handling capacity.
  • Time-saving: Try using two mini loaders on the average construction site. They reduce times for movement and ensure good all-around performance.
  • Reliability: Good mini loaders are very tough and dependable. All they need is good care and maintenance and you’ll rarely have any downtime at all.

Our Range

Although there isn't much of a difference between the three major types of mini loaders, using them for the right job will help to reap their benefits and get the most out of the equipment. We briefly talk about the various applications for each of the types of mini loaders below.

  • Skid Steer Loaders: Ideal for firm grounds such as rock, asphalt and concrete, these nimble machines are capable of making tight turns in restricted spaces. View our range of skid steer loaders here.
  • Track Loaders: Best used on muddy, snowy, soft and wet surfaces, their mass is distributed evenly due to the tracks. See our range of here.
  • Wheel loaders: Designed for moving all types loads in the construction industry, these loaders can be used on mostly hard or semi soft terrains with heavy load capability. View the range of wheel loaders.

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