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Want to save some money on your acquisitions and still get a great machine for your business? Allclass Construction Equipment offers an ongoing range of used mini excavators for sale in Brisbane and all throughout Queensland. 

Used equipment, in some instances might seem like the obvious choice:

  • The lower purchase cost delivers instant dollar values upfront: You save money on your purchase and reduce your outlays. This is a great option for new businesses that are managing cash flow or established businesses that want extra capacity, but not extra costs.
  • Quality used machines are always a good purchasing option: Top brand machines are fully reconditioned and as close to new as you can get. You get all the productivity and capacity of these leading brands but at a lower cost.
  • Many used machines really are almost new: It’s common for construction companies to upgrade their inventory pretty regularly, every two years or so. This means that many “used” excavators and other machines are close to the latest model. All used machines are fully serviced before sale, so you can pick up great equipment for a very good price.
  • Extra capacity at the best price: If you find yourself needing more capacity for your work, a used excavator or loader can make a big difference. The extra capacity spreads the workload and reduces operating times. You can actually calculate this value based on a comparison of your existing capacity vs what’s possible with an extra vehicle. You can also calculate dollar values in terms of time, productivity, and savings on outlay.
  • A good machine is always worth buying: An older machine isn’t necessarily an inferior machine. Many machine operators have strong preferences for specific machines that deliver excellent performance, and with good reason. These preferred machines are very good workers and your operators will appreciate working with a trusted, dependable machine they know can do the job well.

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