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Kubota diesel generators have a heavy duty design and are made to meet tough Australian conditions to be reliable and durable. These generators are backed by a 12-month warranty*, so you can be sure your new generator will up to the task, no matter how much power you need.  

Allclass Construction Equipment is an authorised dealer of Kubota generators in Brisbane and around Queensland. We can assist with product selection, generator servicing, Kubota parts, technical support, and all the practical issues you have.

How to Select the Right Generator

There are many things that need to be considered when deciding on the right generator:


When selecting a generator, the big issues are a mix of performance and power metrics based on your specific needs. You will typically need a bit more capacity to cope with extra work and the inevitable demand for more power in high-intensity construction environments.


A lightweight generator can be a very good choice on difficult sites or when you’re travelling all the time. A heavy duty generator might be the best option when you’re in need of a lot of power all the time.


The Kubota range includes a good selection of choices, from the relatively lightweight to big, heavy duty generators. You can choose from brand new high tech Kubota generators and ultra-reliable, do-everything heavy duty Kubota diesel generators.

Load Bearing

Depending on the type(s) of work you do, you may want to split the load between two generators or more. Many professionals prefer to have both power system options onsite to manage high power loads.

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