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If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line mini excavator at an excellent price, talk to the Allclass team. Our range of Kubota mini excavators includes the latest machines on the market. These excavators are well-known in the Australian building industry for their versatility and reliability.

Each excavator offers a range of unique capabilities. Click on the images to browse our range and explore the product specifications. Compare excavators, and see which one ticks all the boxes for you.

The Kubota Advantage

Kubota excavators are famous for their exceptional performance and reliability.

We're bringing this global brand to Brisbane and Queensland, delivering an excellent, well-deserved reputation for high productivity and performance.

Kubota excavators deliver real value for construction professionals with a great mix of agility and toughness which makes them ideal for any type of construction work. We’ve been dealing with Kubota vehicles since 1992, so we know the new generation of Kubota excavators is a major asset for any construction firm.

Check out our Kubota KX and Kubota U ranges. Explore the different specifications and take your pick from these top of class machines. Talk to our experts about which range is right for your needs.

Parts and Services

As an authorised 5-star Kubota dealer, Allclass Construction Equipment can offer you these excellent excavators and all the parts and services you need.

Used Excavators                               

Get a great deal on used excavators. We stock a consistent range of used excavators including the well-known Toro brand among others. These used excavators are fully serviced, tough, and dependable.

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If you’d like some help with selecting equipment or technical issues, just give us a call. Our highly experienced specialists will be able to help with any technical support, guidance, or advice you need. Phone us on 1300 255 252 or contact us online.